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[PDF] Dex: Castle Ink #1

[PDF] Dex: Castle Ink #1




Dex: Castle Ink #1

by Amy Davies

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***Dex is book one in the Castle Ink series, but you do meet the Castle brothers Dex and Jay in my previous book, This Time Around (which is a stand alone) You DO NOT have to read This Time Around before you read the Castle Ink series***

According to Addy, Dex has always been the king of his castle and she always wanted to be his queen.
However, things don’t always go to plan and she was left in the shadow of another queen.
According to Dex, Castle Ink is all he has to live for since he lost his wife. But the opening of his new castle brings a face from his past, a face that he never allowed himself to think about.
Castle Ink is what brings Dex and Addy together and nothing is smooth sailing. In order to find a connecting path, Dex needs to embrace his future and Addy needs to forget the ghosts of their past.
Will the king and queen be able to rebuild their castle?




















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